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Welcome to Our Team!  We are a group of four organizations designed to blend seamlessly in the creation of one fantastic event.  Everything operates under the leadership of Tim Simpson and Brian Risk.  We are:

  • Pro Sports Management - delivering sporting events from competitive to recreational, for competitors young and old.  
  • Spotted Moose Events - delivering vibrant and meaningful cultural events to engage the passions of our community (concerts, feasts, festivals).

Combined, these organizations excel at event planning from start to finish.  By joining our team, your business will reap many exciting benefits for your brand such as: 

  • the positive association with a successful and fun event.
  • exposure for your logo and product to our large group of participants increasing your overall brand recognition and consumption.

Charitable Foundations

We are proud supporters of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why Partner With Pro Sports / Spotted Moose?

It’s all about loyalty.  Participants in sports or cultural events recognize the value to loyalty to a team.  They respect those who support their passions and transfer that loyalty to brands who provide partnership and sponsorship. 

What is the Reach of Pro Sports / Spotted Moose?

You can have the best product, the best advertisement, and the best slogan, but if your product does not reach your consumer group, the brand gets lost.  Our reach is based on hard numbers over the past decade.  We can make contact with the consumers of your product and services through active participants, mainstream media, social media, posters, player trading cards, television, and more.  We “festivalize” everything we do to create a wow factor.  This increases our participation numbers.  Here is our reach for 2013 through various events.

  • Current athlete reach 5000
  • Current coach reach 500
  • Current social media reach 20,000 impressions
  • Flag Football media coverage (10 pics with circulation of 11,500 = 115,000 impressions)
  • Current parent reach 5000
  • Current fan reach 2000
  • North Bay Summer Concert Series Reach 3000
  • >>>>>>> Total reach 150,000  and growing everyday  <<<<<<

How Does a Partner Re-Coup Their Sponsorship Dollars?

We believe heavily in the festival-i-zation of events.  This means we take a routine event such as a tournament and dial it up.  First and foremost, we make the tournament first rate and then we also integrate opening ceremonies, celebrity matches, beer gardens, player trading cards, live entertainment, closing banquets, and more.  We make it the people-place to be.  This brings the crowds and extends our reach making it a great opportunity for sponsors to promote their brands.  Many sponsors employ these strategies to attract new consumers:

  • Brand Awareness - get your logo on posters, uniforms, signage, dressing room doors, banners for photo opportunities, sports equipment and more.
  • Brand Ambassadors - have spokes-people on-site to talk about and promote your product.  Make the consumers aware of what you offer.
  • Brand Auditions/Sampling - have your product available for testing.  How does it taste, smell, run, jump?  Let people try it out!
  • Brand Sales - sell your product on site.
  • Brand Contests - have samples for folks to determine if they like product A or product B in your line?
  • Brand Promotional Items - give away pen’s with your company logo attached
  • Brand Mascots - create a mascot of your product for fun at the event.  This is great for photo opportunities and drawing attention to your brand.

If you need help with any of these directions, we are happy to provide assistance with acquiring any of these marketing devices or services.
We have found that in many cases, companies that market their product with precision and purpose at our events, can re-coup their investment within 30 days.  Then, each additional sale to these loyal customers for the decades to follow is pure profit.  Sponsorship at the right event is an investment that can yield a very positive return.
Sample Sponsorship 2016

The "Rage in a Cage" Dodge Ball Festival 2014 is set for the civic holiday in August.  This event is combined with the Summer in the Park Festival and Downtown North Bay Heritage Day Weekend Festival.   Rage in a Cage is a dodge ball tournament happening on Main street.  It will cater to a demographic ranging in age from 10 to 60.  The principle demographic will be 21 to 35 yrs.  The event will attract up to 5,000 people on-site including players and walk-thru traffic.  It is also expected to garner attention from the mainstream media along with extensive coverage in the social media's which may yield up to 50,000 impressions.

The advantages to sponsoring the Rage in the Cage event is that your brand becomes associated with a trending and popular sport.  Dodge ball is unique in that everyone has played and enjoyed it at one time or another. It's quirkiness gives it a very special popularity and this sport is on the rise.  Every Pro Sports dodge ball event has a very strong element of "fun" attached.  It is a very positive environment. 

Pro Sports Management is an event planning business run by Tim Simpson and Brian Risk.  They haveTypical cage advertising in the background.  This image has been seen by thousands on facebook.

Pro Sports invites you to purchase an advertisement on the cages for $200.  The benefits to your company include:

  • your colour logo is displayed on a 24x36" poster on the cage
  • your colour logo and hyperlink are displayed on the Pro Sports web page
  • you are announced through our 1200 client email system and 280 person face book page system as an official sponsor.
  • your business is associated with a very popular co-ed sport in a highly respected company
  • we provide and hang your sign for you.  You simply approve the image.

Other business's that are on-board with this event right now include:  North Bay Chrysler, Canadore College, Moose FM Radio, Moose's Cookhouse, Cecil's Eatery and Beer Society, and Downtown North Bay.  You are encouraged to secure your spot as soon as possible as there are more partnerships coming in daily and spots are limited.

Contact Information: 

Tim Simpson tim@prosportsmanagement.ca 705-499-1515


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