Building Corporate Teams

It is well known that engaged and trained employees are happier, more productive, and loyal to their company. Pro Sports Management is an event planning and performance company with excellent professional development opportunities for corporate clients. Pro Sports offers many programs at the corporate level. Some of these include:

Team Building Through Sport - why not engage in an activity that’s a little different, that generates laughter, and encourages team bonding. Our bubble soccer and dodge ball programs have proven very successful at team growth. Businesses who have booked this activity have found their employees are more engaged, take less time off, and have an increased emphasis on quality.

Leadership Skills - leaders serve a key role in every organization. They set vision, they connect with managers, and they enable the front line technicians to complete their tasks. The Pro Sports Management Leadership program looks at the 7 pillars of effective leadership and how to develop great leadership skills that support management and technicians.  This program is being delivered at Nipissing University in training their varsity team captains with much success.

Team Work - a well developed team is very valuable. They get the same amount of work done faster and with more precision. Discover the secrets to have a bulletproof team. The PSM program looks at team building and how to effectively improve the quality of your team performance.

Personal Performance - the Pro Sports Management knows performance psychology has a proven program that works in sports, business, and every aspect of life where performance matters. Find out about task specific goals, focussing skills, countdown strategies, anxiety control, and more. You’ll be surprised how you can achieve your goals with more consistency and ease.  Brian has implemented this program very effectively at Nipissing University and University of Western Ontario in various varsity sports programs.

Motivation - great things are just around the corner. With the right motivation and the right lens to view the world, people can achieve greatness. The Pro Sports approach will engage your staff to set clear goals and create solid and functional path to achieve full potential.

How Does the Pro Sports Corporate Program Work?

We have found that companies all have the same fundamental need of a happy, productive, and loyal staff. However, they do have unique needs depending on their product or service. We at Pro Sports like to meet with our corporate clients and hand craft the perfect in-servicing for you. We have found that a very successful formula has been is to mix a fun activity with workshop learning. We are confident that we can put a plan together to enhance your operation. These can be on-site, off-site, brief, or on-going.

A Quick Overview

We have the ability to design and deliver a full professional development program for you including:

  • advertising flyers
  • sign-up procedures
  • custom online workshop descriptions
  • name badges
  • fun and meaningful activities
  • informative workshops
  • gripping keynote speakers
  • full service catering
  • evaluations
  • live entertainment
  • multi media presentations
  • and more​

Who We Are

Tim Simpson (Co-owner of Pro Sports Management) was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. He studied at Acadia and Queen’s Universities and played varsity soccer. He is a retired high school teacher from Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay with over 30 years experience. He has a wealth of event planning and performance experience in various leagues, tournaments, banquets, and workshops. Tim has exceptional skills in logistics, people management, team building, event management, and bringing out the best in his workers. There is never a shortage of volunteers for Tim’s programs. He is an exceptional public speaker and has been used frequently as a motivational and team building expert.  Tim has personally taken the National Dodgeball Festival from an idea to become the largest dodgeball event in the world with an economic impact of well over a million dollars in a single weekend.

Brian Risk (Co-owner of Pro Sports Management) was born in North Bay, Ontario. He studied at Nipissing and Queen’s Universities. He has extensive athletic experience in junior hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. In coaching, Brian is an NCCP Level 5 coach, was the National Pole Vault Development Chair for Canada, and is a Master Course Conductor and Evaluator for the NCCP. In track and field, he has been assigned to Canada’s national team on 14 occasions including several stints as Head Coach and one stint as Observer Coach at the 1996 Olympic Games. He is a published author in sport psychology and pole vaulting as well as a frequently sought after public speaker. Brian has extensive experience in event planning including organizing the coaching education program at the 2000 Olympic prep camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. Brian is a retired teacher of 32 years at Chippewa Secondary School. He currently works as the High Performance Coach at Nipissing University and runs the sport psychology, leadership, nutrition, and strength & conditioning programs for three different sports.  Be sure and check his app on mental toughness called mTOUGH.   Brian is also an accomplished musician and concert promoter.

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