Nerf Battle League


Nerf Battle League - Play Every Sunday

Nerf Battles is an exciting new sport on the Pro Sports roster.  It is an exciting game were two teams square off and battle one another with foam-firing toy weapons.  They hide behind various bunkers and shoot their opponents with foam elite darts.  This foam warfare is completely safe and a great time for adults and kids aged 9 and up.  Each Nerf Battle will have a referee to help warriors gear up and learn the game play.  Personal protective gear is provided for each participant.   All guns are provided and we use the elite series Nerf Guns - Trooper and Disruptor 

In the adult league, you can enter a complete team of 9-12 people or register as a free agent and we will create a team for you.  

In the youth league, you simply sign-up and we will create the teams.  This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and have fun.

Adult and Youth Leagues

  • ADULT – 16 and over – sign up as a team or a free agent
  • YOUTH – Ages 9-11, Ages 12-15, all ages as of January 1, 2020
  • League Runs February 9 – March 15
  • Leagues must have a minimum of four teams
  • 6 on 6 Game Play - Suggested Team Size – 9-12
  • Game dates are Sundays:  2:00-8:00pm – You will play 1 match per week.
  • (Captains can request times to not conflict with dodgeball)
  • Chippewa Secondary School / WJ Fricker
  • Teams may be male, female or mixed
  • Begins February 2, 2020 – March 8 (6 weeks, one hour per week)
  • Adult Team Entry Fee – $425.00 plus HST (480.25 HST Included)
  • Deposit of $75.00 to guarantee entry for teams. 
  • Adult Free Agent - $50.00 HST Included
  • Youth Entry Fee – 60.00 per player
  • Limited space so book early
  • Call Tim at 705 499-1515


Register for the adult and youth leagues here. 

payment options



Please understand that refunds are not possible after certain deadlines.  These deadlines are typically 10 days prior to the start-up.  All programs require booking of facilities, scheduling of games, and the purchase of equipment.  The monies have been spent on your program.   Thank you for your careful planning.

eTransfer Option

Send your eTransfer to  Choose one of the following:

  1. Adult Free Agent $50 (includes HST)
  2. Youth Free Agent $60
  3. Team deposit by Captains $75
  4. Full team payment by Captains $480.25 (includes HST)
  5. Balance team payment by Captains ($405.25 includes HST)

Important - please email Tim separately and advise of the incoming eTransfer.  In your letter, advise of the secret question and the answer.   All fee's MUST be paid in full prior to your first game.

PayPal Option

All PayPal transactions include the registration fee + HST + 2.9% PayPal fee's

Cash Option

You have the option to pay Tim in cash.  Please contact him by phone 705-499-1515 or email to schedule an appointment.

schedule & standings

Files coming soon.