Basketball information 2020

A Bit About the Nipissing Basketball Association

The Nipissing Basketball Association began in 1992 when West Ferris Secondary School teacher and head coach of the senior Trojans Tim Simpson started a program to boost the skill level of basketball players in North Bay and surrounding areas.  The program has thrived for decades and continues to run boasting the same fair play principles it was founded upon back in the very first year. The house-league basketball has offered the game to over 7000 athletes and played over 3700 games.  The NBA is pleased to have Pro Sports Management provide the league website and PayPal options.  The NBA runs from April to June at area schools.  In 2020, Chippewa, St Joseph-Scollard Hall, Widdifield, and West Ferris Secondary will host games beginning in April running through to mid June.  Teams will play twice per week and complete a 10 game schedule plus playoffs.  The NBA caters to players aged 7-18 as of January 1, 2020.  Players receive a uniform and are placed on teams made by the league committee.  We do everything possible to insure balanced teams and to offer a fun experience to all players.  Coaches are not allowed to recruit players, pick players, or find new players for their teams.  The cost per player is $130.00  Families of two players will pay $240.00 and families with three players will pay $360.00 Each additional player is $110.00.  NOTE:  You must designate in your E transfer which athletes your family payment is supporting.  

REGISTRATION - Registration is taking place right now online and at Dark Horse Comics located at 669 Cassells Street in beautiful North Bay starting February 1.  Click here or on the Registration tab above for online registration.  LEAGUE INFORMATION - Our league is competitive.  We use carded referees and play on full size basketball courts.  Our most cherished rule is our participation rule.  No player can play more than four minutes more than any other player.  Our timers ensure that all players get an equal chance and any team violating the participation rule are defaulted.  We want everyone to have a chance to play when the game is on the line.  Players are placed on teams by the league officials.  Players can request ONE friend to join them on their team but both friends MUST select each other.  Game nights are Monday through Thursdays (two games per week).  Games are typically Co-ed & Girls on Monday and Wednesday plus Boys on Tuesday and Thursdays although this is not guaranteed.  All of our teams compete for the league championship offered in their age category.  Championship teams win medals as do the finalists.    

EVALUATION CAMPS - We use evaluation camps to determine the skill level of players for the creation of the teams.  Evaluation camps are mandatory and take place starting mid - April for all players.  No player may attend a camp for a higher age without attending a camp for their own age.  Camps will be announced at a later date to all players who register. We evaluate each player secretly at this camp.  We then strive to create a league of balanced teams.  2020 EVALUATION CAMPS - Attend Your Group ONLY  PLAYERS MUST ATTEND THE CAMP OF THEIR AGE EVEN IF THEY WANT TO PLAY UP. ALL DECISIONS WILL BE MADE AT THE EVALUATION CAMP AND PLAYERS CAN ASK TO CHANGE DIVISIONS ONLY IF SPACE EXISTS. Some players will be moved to different divisions but this MUST be done by our league office and not by players or parents. Players may voice their request at the evaluation camp of their age.  

2020 Season Update Important Information for All Parents and Players - NBA Core Rules on Registration  


  • Evaluation camps are very important to league balance, please make every effort to attend
  • Only attend the age group representing your true age, we have confirmed that age group in your confirmation.  
  • There will be very little league movement in the NBA as most divisions are sold out each year 
  • Players hoping to play up a division should inform us only at evaluation camp.  
  • No Exceptions are made for travel, or playing with more than one friend ever
  • Pro Sports makes all team decisions and all player movement decisions. Factors considered are age, size, ability, and league balance. If 7 players want to move and we can only allow 3 to move then we try to make the best decision for the league and players as a whole.   
  • REFUND CUT OFF DATE - APRIL 15  No Exceptions - After this date we start to make teams size uniforms and pay insurance and other costs associated with the league. We also make teams and balance them based on evaluations. We do not refund after this date for any reason as it can hurt league balance, keep other players from joining the league and cause some costs we cannot recover at that time. We instituted this rule many years back because some people if they didn't like their league or team would ask for a refund and often this caused teams to be disrupted and league balance .suffered if a player we evaluated highly suddenly quit the team. We guarantee your young player a league to play in that represents their age. We further guarantee that if two players both name each other that we will make sure they are on the same team. There are no other promises made regarding leagues and teams.   
  • Coaches cannot request players unless coaching their own child. We love the time our coaches give but we cannot allow players and coaches to choose each other as this creates balance issues and too many player requests. It also can give the appearance of preferential treatment even when it is not meant to be. For this reason we do not allow player or coaching requests.   
  • Players and parents cannot request coaches. If we cannot do it for everyone then we consider it a bad practice and therefore do it for no one.   
  • We do not allow groups of 3 or more players to join together at any time for any reason. Transportation is not something we can consider when making 26 teams with over 280 players.   
  • Please do not request special consideration with regards to friends, transportation or league movement. We want to be fair to all players and so we simply do not make accommodations for any player outside of our core rules.    


Thanks for playing this year in the NBA. It is going to be a great year. We promise to do our best to make balanced teams in all our leagues. We promise to treat all players equally when making playing decisions. We promise to never say no to one person and yes to another with regard to the core NBA rules. These are things I truly believe in and we have found work the best over our 28 year history. The NBA is meant to be competitive but with true fun in mind. We want players to play and meet new friends. To have new basketball experiences and to love this great game. Thank you and we will be announcing our camps as soon as possible.