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Coaches Wanted

The NBA is looking for coaches for its upcoming season.  If you are interested in working with our young basketball players, then we want to hear from you.  Here are some key points to remember when deciding to get involved:

  • Teams play twice per week and games last one hour.  No team is required to practice although practice gyms are available if you choose.
  • No experience is necessary, we can provide books, videos, and suggestions for coaches of all levels of experience
  • League play begins around mid April with evaluation camps taking place mid April at Chippewa.  The exact dates are controlled by the availability of gyms.
  • Teams are chosen by the league committee.  Coaches may not recruit, pick, or trade players.  Players may not request a particular coach.

All coaches are reminded that no player may play more than four minutes more than another player.  This rule is sacred and teams in violation will be defaulted.  Timers keep track of this rule but its final responsibility is yours.  It is a good idea to not substitute during a shift as this can cause confusion.  All games are divided into 8 four minute shifts.

Players receiving two technical's during the year are suspended automatically for one game.  After this, the league will rule on further suspensions.  Please keep the spirit of the league to competitive fun.

Our age groups are:

  • Ages 7-9 Co-ed
  • Ages 10-11 Boys
  • Ages 12-13 Boys
  • Ages 14-18 Boys
  • Ages 10-13 Girls
  • Ages 14-18 Girls

All ages are as of January 1st of this year.

We are looking for coaches who want to offer competitive fun through the game of basketball.  If you are interested, complete the form below or contact Tim Simpson at 705-499-1515 or email

Get Involved

If you are interested coaching, submit your request here.